Licensed Practical Nurse

At Civil Healthcare Services, our LPNs or Licensed Practical Nurses are First Aid and CPR-Certified. They also have extensive experience in healthcare settings most especially in caring for clients at home.

In most cases, LPNs work under the supervision or direction of a Registered Nurse. Their tasks involve mobility support, personal care, safety supervision and meal preparation. They can also tend to home-bound clients or patients with:

  • Tracheostomy Tube and Ventilators
  • Ostomy / Stoma Bags
  • Severe Wounds the need regular dressing changes
  • Catheter(s) and IV Lines
  • …and other similar health care requirements

If you have a loved one at home who is sick, convalescent or temporarily injured due to health issues, please call 301-355-4416 | 301-978-6984
. Civil Healthcare Services can arrange for LPN visits as deemed appropriate by your loved one’s physician.

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