Medication Technician

At Civil Healthcare Services, we’ve handled countless home care cases. Majority of the patients we care for have a medication therapy plan that must be strictly followed. In fact, it can be detrimental to a patient’s health if a dose is skipped or if two similar-looking pills are mixed up.

For patients at home who have complicated medication therapy plans, it would be helpful to have a Medication Technician around. Medication Technicians or Med Techs are tasked to remind the patient when to take medications and check the dosage prior to intake. For patients who are taking specialty medication for a chronic illness, Med-Techs can be authorized by the RN or the Physician to administer the medication topically, orally or intravenously.

Are you home-bound with a complicated medication intake schedule to follow? Our Med Techs can help! Call us at 301-355-4416 | 301-978-6984
for a comprehensive health needs assessment.

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